Treatment for dropping nose tips

Nasal dropping or ptosis is a medical term used for dropping the organs, including nose The River The nasal dropping, in addition to affecting the nasal beauty, also affects the function of the nose by blocking the air flow.

Drooping of the nasal tip may be due to age, poor placement of the cartilage or weakness of retaining ligaments of these cartilages. In people with prenatal nasal dropping, three  bases at the tip of the nose is taller than the ventral base.

In new methods of rhinoplasty, in order to resolve defeats like nose bigness or problems of nose tip , the tissue of the nose is not reduced but the method relayed on increasing tissue are used to removing the nasal dropping. In this method, if some part of nose tissue is removed, they will be used for other parts later. For example a small part of nose cartilage in main Skelton of nose is removed and is used as supporting column in tip of nose.

Rhinoplasty Before & After Photo Gallery

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