Nasal polyp

The nasal polyps are small cysts that look like grape seeds that are resulted from over growing but benign mucus covering nose and sinuses around it. Small polyps may not cause any problems, and no one will notice them, but bigger types of it can, by closing the nose or sinuses, create problems such as obstruction or shortness of breathing channel, losing smelling sense or frequent sinusitis.Although nasal polyps may be seen in any individual, they are usually found in people with asthma, allergies, Chronic sinusitis or in some other illnesses.
Drug treatments may reduce their size, but often surgery is necessary to remove them. Nasal polyps, despite different treatments, can be recurred.The cause of nasal polyps is still unknown, but there are factors such as dust, smoke,
Bacteria and some viruses are not affectless. These stimulants cause inflammation in the respiratory mucosa of the nose and Sinuses and ultimately cause polyps.

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