About Dr. Shahin Bastaninejad

Dr. Shahin Bastaninejad was born in 1978. He is originally from Shiraz, and spent his MD period in Isfahan city.

He admitted and entered Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 1996.

He was graduated from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2005, started working and training as an Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery  resident at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and graduated in 2009.

Dr. Bastaninejad achieved the title of the top resident of Otolaryngology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences during his residency.

He obtained the fourth rank of board examination and passed his 1st year of graduation in Jahrom city of Fars province in the years of 2009-2010.

After a year he began working as University faculty member in Tehran university of medical sciences at Amir Alam Hospital.

During this period, he has had many publications and has been the executor of many Rhinoplasty seminars (2 courses) and Endoscopic Nasal and Sinus Surgery courses (6 courses).

Currently, he is working in the field of Nasal Plastic Surgery, Nasal Reconstruction, Nasal Tumors, Sinus Endoscopy, and Cranial Base surgery and in education of the young generation of rhinology residents and fellowships.

Dr. Bastaninejad is currently an associate professor of Rhinology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Iranian Council of Rhinology and Facial plastic surgery, and he honored to receive the secretary of the Rhinoplasty Scientific Committee.

Dr. Shahin Bastaninejad’s field of interest is primary rhinoplasty, revision or secondary rhinoplasty, nasal reconstruction, and all endoscopic nasal and sinus surgeries. He also Cooperates as a multidisciplinary team, with neurosurgeons in the field of cranial base surgery.

He has been in charge of the chairman of the specialized clinic of Amir Alam Hospital since 2016 and has also been in charge of the hospital’s education development center since 2017 (EDC).

In Rhinoplasty and Facial plastic seminars, he works as a member of the Scientific Committee and sometimes the Executive Committee. He planned the scientific program of the 2017 Rhinoplasty and the Facial plastic congress.

Dr. Shahin Bastaninejad has also been responsible for the planning of the Journal Club, Grand Rand, Morbidity & Mortality of the ENT department of the Amir Alam Hospital for the past six years.

Finally, Dr. Shahin Bastaninejad was promoted to the title and position of vice chancellor of medical education of the Amir Alam hospital.

The most important principle in rhinoplasty is to reach a complexity from an unpleasant simplicity result of which is a pleasant simplicity. If your goal is to make a very small nose or a nose with a sharp tip, you need to know that you have chosen your goal wrongly; it’s an organ for breathing.

Observing all facial proportions, observing the normal functioning of the nose, observing all angles and aesthetic lines of nose, all complicates the route, but the result is a pleasant simplicity.


Dr.Shahin Bastaninejad

M.D.,Associate Proffesor of Otorhinolaryngology